Q. What does it mean to be a member of Albany Jeet Kune Do?

At Albany Jeet Kune Do, we offer the first group class for FREE. You can come and simply sit and watch, or participate as much as you want.

Once you join as a member, we expect dedication and diligence as a member.

By definition, membership in Albany Jeet Kune Do means:

  1. regular attendance
  2. dedication
  3. diligent effort
  4. a humble and respectful and teachable attitude
  5. representing the art of Jeet Kune Do accurately, fairly and truthfully
  6. representing AJKD, our teachers and our lineage accurately, fairly and truthfully
  7. representing the other students accurately, fairly and truthfully

We look forward to having you join us.

Q: Is Jeet Kune Do different from the other Martial Arts?

In a word…YES!

Jeet Kune Do was originated as a philosophy that spawned a new format of fighting techniques. When Sigung (founder) Bruce Lee began to formulate his ideas about Jeet Kune Do, he saw the beauty and the practicality in all martial arts. It was with this in mind that he thought the ultimate expression of the human body (martial art) was to take from all martial arts what was useful (practical) and discard what was not useful (impractical) in order to form a more complete, well-rounded individual and fighter, and to better equip a person for self-defense in real life situations.

Jeet Kune Do is about as nontraditional as it gets. There are no Forms, Kata’s, or traditional rituals to perform. Some techniques are scripted for teaching purposes and drills but ultimately they become free flowing.

Jeet Kune Do therefore, incorporates techniques from all sorts of martial arts from around the world and is constantly changing and adapting to the world around us as it changes. JKD incorporates techniques from Western Boxing, Karate, Mui Thai, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Kali/Escrima, Wing Chun, Penjat Silat, Savat, etc…

Come see for yourself.

Q: Will I be able to keep up in your classes? How hard are your workouts?

At Albany Jeet Kune Do we believe in training all parts of the body to be physically fit and sound in cardiovascular condition. We expect that members will work diligently to maintain their health and fitness at a high level.

This includes rigorous weekly workouts! We work up a sweat in every class intentionally.

We recommend that you consult a physician before entering our classes to be sure you have no debilitating health issues that would preclude you from participating in class workouts.

Having said that…we work with each individual who comes through the door and develop a workout that is achievable for each student. We do not expect you to be Mr. or Mrs. Olympia before you arrive at our school.

Q: I have studied other martial arts. Will this inhibit my training in Jeet Kune Do?

No, not at all! Just the opposite.

Due to the nature of Jeet Kune do it is encouraged that practitioners learn as much as possible, including other arts. At Albany Jeet Kune Do we teach and practice Jeet Kune Do, but also make efforts to learn new things and techniques. Your skill in another martial art will not only benefit you in Jeet Kune Do, but will be a welcome addition to our group and may eventually be added to our curriculum if it is found to be a useful technique or drill that promotes growth within the martial artist.

We look forward to growing together with you.

Does AJKD offer classes for children or minors under age 18?

In short; no.

Our class primarily consists of grown men and women.

It would be unfair and inappropriate to mix adults with smaller-framed teens or children. First because of a sheer physical size difference, and secondly [but equally important] because of a big difference in maturity and depth of understanding between the ages of students. We have mad an exception on very rare occasions in the past with credible and responsible young adults who have been strongly recommended to us.

For great children’s and young adult programs we recommend either [in no particular order] Columbia Tae Kwon Do; [www.columbiatkd.com] or Delmar Aikido; [delmaraikido.cmasdirect.com]

Both are great schools with excellent Martial Arts programs for young adults and children.