Rob and Sifu StephenIt all started…

…in a little kwoon [Martial Arts school] in downtown Albany. That is where Rob and Sifu Stephen first met. That school closed down eventually for various reasons, but Rob and Sifu Stephen continued to train together. The pair trained with whomever they could find to train with, and eventually contacted the Sifu in Road Island [Sifu Derderian] whom they currently are certified under. Sifu Raffi Derderian accepted Rob and Stephen, brought them under his wing as “satellite” or “Regional” students and trained them as one of his own.

Over the years Sifu Stephen and Rob trained at gym’s, in college squash courts, in Albany’s Washington Park, in a garage or two [not unlike Sigung Bruce], opened a club at the college Stephen was attending and finally at our current location.

Various members have joined us since then and brought with them a tremendous wealth of knowledge and skill to our growing group.  For instance, Mike Berry has been instrumental in his knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition as well as his great skill having recently become an instructor under Sifu Stephen.

None of the above are instructors in the martial arts as full time jobs. They teach and train out of personal joy aside from their regular jobs.